Week 5 NFL Picks

Welcome back to the Sports Zone everyone. Every Friday for the rest of the NFL season I will be making my weekly picks for every game here in the Zone. If you enjoy my blogs than you can subscribe to my blog and get emails every time I make a post and you will always know when I make my Friday posts plus more.

Lock of the Week

Seattle Seahawks10 @New York Giants 31

How many times have we wrote off a Tom Coughlin/ Eli Manning New York Giants team only for them to show us all wrong and just keep putting up wins? The Giants were suppose to be trying to stay alive with the “Dream Team” and the Cowboys, but instead are 3-1 after already winning (easily) in Philly and with home games vs the Seahawks, Bills, and Dolphins coming up they can easily be 6-1 going into New England for thier 08 Super Bowl Rematch.

New Orleans Saints 30 @ Carolina Panthers 26

The Carolina Panthers might be one of the most exciting 1-3 teams of all time. No rookie Quarterback in the history of the league has been putting up the numbers that Cam Newton has been putting up. The player most enjoying the Jimmy Clausen to Cam Newton upgrade is Wide receiver Steve Smith who has 24 catches for 530 yards in just four games this season and is back to being relevant again. The Saints play much different away from the Dome and this is a division game and will be much closer than people think.

Philadelphia Eagles 35 @ Buffalo Bills 17

Are the Eagles as bad as their 1-3 record indicates? I don’t think so. Are the Buffalo Bills as good as their 3-1 record indicates? I don’t think so on that one either. I say the Eagles score five touchdowns on this one because unless it is fourth and long in field goal territory the eagles have a better chance to score by just going for it instead of sending the field goal unit out. Two misses at home under forty yards that costs your team the game will do that for you Alex Henery.

Arizona Cardinals 20 @ Minnesota Vikings 23

The Arizona Cardinals defense gives you the biggest talkers with the least amount of results in football. The chances of the Cardinals defense blowing a ten point lead at home with only 5 plus minutes remaining was about as high as Alex Rodriguez striking out with the game on the line last night. Since 2008 including the playoffs the Cardinals defense has blown 10 leads of 10 points or more and 14 games where they gave up the lead in the fourth quarter including the Super Bowl. Their defense has already blown two of those this year! Dont get me wrong I love Adrian Wilson and Darnell Dockett, but does anyone remember them making a play to win a game? All I remember is A-Dubs getting beat for the game tying touchdown in Minnesota last year or any and every Quarterback having all day to throw the ball like Eli Manning had in his quick comeback last week. If the Cards can’t stop an aging Donovan Mcnabb this week, and my hopes are not too high, then Ken Whisenhunt’s seat needs to start catching fire because 1-4 will not be getting it done anymore.

Kansas City Chiefs 13 @ Indianapolis Colts 16

The Colts will win a couple of games this year….right??? Anyways two awful teams playing here, but I have a sleeper for all fantasy owners. http://www.kansascity.com/2011/10/05/3190028/chiefs-jackie-battle-starting.html The Chiefs know they are going 4-12 this year and Thomas Jones isn’t doing it for them anymore so why not give an unknown the chance to show what he has? I don’t know if he makes a huge impact now, but later in the year I can see him getting the bulk of the carries so if you have an open spot on your bench for him I would stash him away while you can.

Cincinnati Bengals 17 @ Jacksonville Jaguars 20

We have the rookie quarterback/coach in the hot seat bowl here in Jacksonville. I will give the edge to the home team which is the Jaguars, but really you can flip a coin on this one.

Tennessee Titans 19 @ Pittsburgh Steelers  20

The Steelers two wins are against teams with a combined record of 1-7 and they have two losses against teams with a combined 6-2 record. They have major injury problems. James Harrison and his backup are already ruled out along with Mewelde Moore. Brett Kiesel, Aaron Smith, Rashard Meandenhall, and Ben Roethlisberger are all on the injury report as well. Why am I still picking the Steelers? They still have more weapons than the Titans and I feel the Steelers have too much pride to play another stinker of a game, especially in front of the home fans.

Oakland Raiders 10 @ Houston Texans 20

This will be an ugly and grind it out type of game. Both teams have physical defenses and two Pro Bowl running backs. No Andre Johnson for the Texans, so they will rely heavily on Arian Foster the way the Raiders always rely on Darren McFadden. The defense that can best shut down the run game will win this game.

Tampa Bay buccaneers 27 @ San Francisco 49ers 23

A win here and I will finally come to terms that the niners may actually be good this year, but I am still not buying it. They were only up 2 at home against Tavaris Jackson when Ted Ginn went nutso and broke open that game, beat Cincy 13-8 in a game that brought football back 50 years, and beat Philly in a game that Philly basically handed to them. They now come home and face a Tampa team that shut them out last year at the “Stick” with a huge chance to make another statement win. Will they do it? For the life of me I can’t see my self waking up Monday and seeing San Francisco  4-1.

New York Jets 14 @ New England Patriots 31

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady do not lose twice to anyone. Since their 18-1 season the only time these two have lost twice in a row to the same team was to the Indianapolis Colts, which includes Belichicks famous 4th and 3 game. The Pats are coming off a playoff beat down to the Jets as the Jets are coming off a Ray Ray beat down on Sunday Night football last week. The Jets have more injury issues and the Patriots just don’t lose twice to the same team. Pats will win this one easily.

San Diego Chargers 34 @ Denver Broncos 13

The Chargers are long overdue for a big statement win and they will get it here. For the Broncos, I do not get their thought process in sticking with Kyle Orton. You are NOT making the playoffs this year, so really what is the difference between going 6-10 with Kyle Orton or 4-12 with Tim Tebow? If I am John Fox I am starting Tim Tebow after their bye week next week when they go to Miami in week seven and start him the rest of the year. John Fox knows he will be getting a top ten pick next April in a QB rich draft so you have to know what you have in Tim Tebow to see if you have your QB of the future or if you need to invest in another first round QB next April. Give him half the season and see if he can inject life in the team and fan base and if he can’t do that cut your losses in the offseason and draft Luck, barkley, or Jones in the draft.

Sunday night football

Green Bay Packers 31 @ Atlanta Falcons 24

A divisional round playoff rematch in a game the Falcons have had circled on their calendars since the schedule came out last April. The Falcons had home field advantage throughout the playoffs when the Packers trounced them 48-21 by A-ROd and company. It wont be as big a beat down as January, but the Packers will win this game. The Falcons are not as good as last year and the Packers are already in playoff form averaging 37 points a game. The Packers weakness though has been in the pass defense so if Matt Ryan can get in a rhythm the Falcons could win it, but its going to take a lot to beat the guy with the belt.

Monday Night Football

Upset Alert

Chicago Bears 24 @ Detroit Lions 23

The Lions are 4-0, hosting their first Monday Night Football game in a decade, and have the perfect D line to harass Jay Cutler all night not to mention Megatron and Matt Stafford. So why am I taking the Bears?? Because the Bears have been in this position before and Dennis Green knows who they are. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYKIcnj1MJY

I hope everyone enjoyed my blog and I will always work on getting better.


About jeffreysanders

Jeffrey Sanders writes for the Puma Press at Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix, Arizona. He is supported by his family, friends, and his girlfriend. Sports is his life as he is an avid follower of the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL. He hopes to attend the Walter Cronkite school of Journalism in the fall of 2012.

4 responses to “Week 5 NFL Picks”

  1. grandpa says :

    Great job Jeffrey!!!!

  2. Ron DaLessio says :

    Awesome Kid!

  3. ryan brady says :

    Great work Jeff, your picks are looking good. I will be reading this every friday

  4. Kim Guerin says :

    Great blog Jeffrey! I will be reading this and hoping the Cardinals will improve!

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