Week 6 NFL Picks

Welcome back everyone to another week of my NFL picks. Last week I limped toward a 5-7 record, but did get some things right. I was one point off from correctly guessing the exact score of the Panthers Saints game, guessed right on my sleeper Jackie Battle, and Tim Tebow. Things I got wrong, and there were many last week, my lock of the week lost which just shows there really are no “locks” in the NFL. I thought the Eagles would win easily last week and that the Cards would at least lose in a competitive game. I must have been in dreamland with that prediction. I’m determined to do better this week and will not settle for less (shouldnt be that hard of a feat). Lets get to the picks.

Carolina Panthers 24 at Atlanta Falcons 28

The Cam Newton hype has not reached the Carolina Panthers defense yet which is the ONLY reason why I am still picking the struggling Atlanta Falcons to win this game. While the Panthers offense has improved it points per game by 11 from last year the defense is still giving up 26 a game and that will not win many games. Even if your QB is putting up ridiculous numbers. For the Falcons this is sort of must win game for them. You can’t lose to the last place team in your division at home if you think you’re a Super Bowl team and those dreams you had at the beginning of the year are slowly dying. They got to win this game and since they are in the Dome they will get it done.

Lock of the week

Jacksonville Jaguars 6 at Pittsburgh Steelers 24

We all saw how Tavaris Jackson did in Pittsburgh this year. Doesn’t give Blaine Gabbert much hope does it? The Steelers have a chance to go on a nice little winning streak with a win here and next week at Arizona to go into their showdowns against New England and Baltimore at 5-2.

Philadelphia Eagles 31 at Washington Redskins 23

I will promise right now that if the “Dream Team” does not win this game I will not pick them again until they put up another dubs. If the Eagles are to get back on track they will win this game which will be extremely tough given the Redskins are coming off a Bye week and they will be highly motivated for what Mike Vick did to them at their place last year on Monday Night Football. The Eagles have too much talent to be 1-5 after this game and I think they find a way to get it done.

St. Louis Rams 17 at Green Bay Packers 42

Is it too early to ask the question of will a-rod and company lose this year? On the flip side will the St. Louis Rams win this year? After this matchup we get another week to discuss those questions. If I were too wager on the two though I am wagering on the Pack not losing for a while.

Coin Flip of the week

Buffalo Bills 31 at New York Giants 28

I’m going to give my man, the Arizona native who went to Gilbert Highland and the Harvard grad, Ryan Fitzpatrick some props. Last year he did go 4-9 as a starter, but the lost by a field goal in overtime on the road to two playoff teams and lost at home in overtime to the Steelers on a dropped pass by Stevie Johnson. He also threw 23 touchdown passes in the 13 games he started with 15 interceptions. This year those breaks are going the Bills way and my man will come through again this week. The New York Giants are so unpredictable that I wouldn’t even be surprised if they came out and shut down the Bills this week. By the way why couldn’t Eli have thrown his game ending pick six against the Cards the week before? He decides to go his brother on the Cards and puts up two touchdown in under three minutes on the road, but against the Seahawks at home he chooses to throw that pick six that I was waiting for the week before. The Cards defense isn’t THAT bad…is it???

San Francisco 49ers 16 at Detroit Lions 27

Like I said last week I will admit that the 49ers are for real and will not pick against them for being the worse team much more this year. Against the Lions in Detroit they will be playing the underdog role again here in the Zone. Question: when was the last time the Lions lost a game? (Hint: Dont get cute and say preseason because they won all four of those too.) Ill give you the answer at the end of this preview. The 49ers beat down of Tampa last week turned out to be costly. Coach Jim Harbaugh was a little too excited and for some reason called a passing play in the red zone when they were up 41 to 3. The football gods did not like that and it cost wide receiver Josh Morgan his season. The Niners are still without Braylon Edwards which leads them very thin at the Wide Receiver position. Alex Smith is also due for an Alex Smith performance and the Lions are on too much of a roll right now, especially at home. Answer: December 5 against the Chicago Bears was the last time the Lions have lost a football game.

Indianapolis Colts 13 at Cincinnati Bengals 17

In the “Who Cares” game of the week I will take the Bengals winning at home. On another note if the Colts lose this game they are staring 0-9 right in the face. Their next good chance to win does not come until November 13th against the Jaguars at home. I know for most Colts fans they are in Suck for Luck mode, but you never want to go winless. You can still get Andrew Luck at 1-15 and the Bengals this week is one of the few remaining games the Colts will have a chance in this year. It will be best to go for that win this week and get that worry of a winless season out of the way.

Dawg pound 13 at Black Hole 27

If there was one game I wish I could have changed last week it would have been the Texans beating the Raiders. Raiders owner Al Davis passed away after my blog was posted and whenever someone of that magnitude passes away it always gives the players an extra something for that game. If you saw the reactions of the players and especially of Head Coach Hue Jackson after Michael Huff made the game winning interception to win in the final seconds is what makes sports so special. Hue Jackson broke down into tears on the field as the players celebrated the upset win and gave one of the best post game speeches you will ever see. The Raiders are 3-2 going home to the Black Hole to honor the passing of their owner. The poor Browns don’t stand a chance Sunday.

Houston Texans 9 at Baltimore Ravens 26

Even if the Texans had Mario Williams and Andre Johnson I still think the Ravens win this game easily. Ray Ray and friends have came to play this year as seen in the beatdowns against the Steelers, Rams, and Jets. The Ravens defense has 11 sacks, 14 forced turnovers, and have scored four touchdowns themselves in four games this year. Compare those four DEFENSIVE touchdowns to the Rams offense and they are tied in that department. The Ravens are also coming off a bye so they are well rested and at home and are ready to go. Tip to Texans from the Jets: Your two best ways to score is on a kickoff OR stay patient on defense and wait for Flacco to hand you a defensive touchdown of our own. Tip from Mark Sanchez to Matt Schaub: Your on your own buddy.

New Orleans Saints 34 at Tampa Bay Buccanears 21

Where is the Josh Freeman of last year? Freeman has as many interceptions, 6 as he had all of last year. He’s also on pace to barely break ten touchdowns, last season he had 25! For his teams sake (and my fantasy teams sake) he better figure it out soon. Especially with the news that LeGarrette Blount has a MCL tear that will probably keep him out awhile. The Saints meanwhile just keep winning and are quietly sitting nice at 4-1 right now. A win in Tampa and they are looking at a nice stretch of Indy, @ STL, and Tampa again at home. They should win all of those which puts them at 8-1 when they travel out to the Georgia Dome before their bye week.

Game of the Week

Dallas Cowboys 28 at New England Patriots 35

The award for the most shocking statistic I may of ever heard goes to Tom Brady. Last week he threw his first EVER red zone interception at home in his career. FIRST EVER!!! In roughly 75 career home games Tom Brady had not thrown an interception in the Red Zone until last week. That just blows my mind. Every quarterback every year has a couple of interceptions a year. Some are off bad throws, some off tipped passes, some off of bad WR routes, whatever the reason no one goes a stretch of 75 games and not make a mistake in the red zone. If anyone ever doubted the greatness of Tom Brady that stat will quiet you down. By the way everyone needs to get off Tony Romo’s back. You have to accept him for what he is and he is a very good Quarterback who can’t always win games by himself. Cowboy fans are ridiculous and if you guys are treating a good player like Tony Romo like that, who will want to play Quarterback and face that kind of pressure for the Dallas Cowboys? If you don’t like Tony Romo you could always go Jake Delhomme for a quick fix this season.

Sunday Night Football

Upset pick of the week

Minnesota Vikings 20 at Chicago Bears 17

Why am I taking a Quarterback who can barely complete ten passes in todays NFL on the road against a solid defense on Sunday Night Football? Jared Allen against whatever folding chair the Bears put out to block him. Jay Cutler has literally 1.5 seconds to throw the football behind that offensive line. For anyone who watched MNF last week and saw Cutler take the snap and just ran backwards knows what I am talking about. Cutler somehow found a way to put up 13 points last week with a remarkable performance given what he was dealing with his offensive line. I hope Cutler has some good medical insurance because he may need it after Jared Allen and the rest of the Vikings D line is done with that offense.

Monday Night football

Miami Dolphins 13 at New York Jets 23

I was tempted to go with the Dolphins in my upset special before I read the comments by Brandon Marshall that he just want to go out and deck some people. I mean seriously have you ever seen quotes as crazy as what B Marsh says here:

“The past four games, it’s been tough for me trying to control some things,” the
27-year-old told the Miami Herald. “I’m just going to let it out. I don’t care
if they have two, three cameras on me, I don’t care if I have penalties. It
doesn’t matter. I’m going to let it all out… I’ll probably get kicked out after
the second quarter.”

I will translate here…What B Marsh is saying is that he wants none of Revis Island with some guy who stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night throwing him the football. He figures that if he can get kicked out early enough he can hit up the New York City club scene before the team flight heads back down to Miami. Historically the Dolphins always play the Jets tough in New York, but with guys wanting to not play and with Matt Moore as your Quarterback the Monday Night crew better have some good stories to keep what looks like a boring game to keep viewers interested.

I hope everyone enjoyed this weeks picks and if you did you can subscribe to my blog and get email updates to all of my blog posts. Thank you again for taking the time to read my blog and I will work on getting better.




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Jeffrey Sanders writes for the Puma Press at Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix, Arizona. He is supported by his family, friends, and his girlfriend. Sports is his life as he is an avid follower of the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL. He hopes to attend the Walter Cronkite school of Journalism in the fall of 2012.

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  1. grandpa says :

    I love reading your picks Jeffrey. I wish my knowledge of the game was better. Your blog will keep me up to date.

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