Week 7 NFL Picks

Welcome back to my 3rd week of my NFL picks. Last week I did a little better improving my seasons mark to 14-12. That’s about as mediocre as Mark Sanchez has been this year. This week there are about four “lock games” and 8 tossup games so this should be a very interesting week of games. Lets get to the picks….

San Diego Chargers 24 at New York Jets 23

Can the Sanchize beat a good team? Yes, He did beat Dallas week one, but only because Tony Romo and the COwboys did their weekly tank job. Yes he has led (Jets defense has led) the team to two straight AFC Championship games. Yes he does GQ covers and is a ladies man, but is he a good quarterback? This year at best he has been a very average quarterback and he is now in year three of his career. If he can’t start dominating games now when will he ever? It is not like guys get seven years worth of chances until he starts winning games for his team (Alex Smith). If you watched that Monday Night game last week you saw a guy who stayed at a Holiday Inn Express (Matt Moore) out play the Sanchize in the first half. The Jets were extremely lucky to get that win as easy as they did. This week I don’t care who is at home the Chargers are the better team on offense and on defense and will beat the Sanchize.

Coin flip game

Seattle Seahawks 13 at Cleveland Browns 16

I don’t know why I am picking the Browns in this one to be honest. The Browns two wins are against the Colts and Dolphins, combined 0 wins. No one knows what is up with Peyton Hillis anymore. Plus the fact that Seattle is coming off a road win at New York. So, why will the Browns win? Because I flipped a coin and the Browns side came up. Thats the best I got for you on this one.

Atlanta Falcons 27 at Detroit Lions 20

I don’t think this would be as big a shock as some people may think. The Falcons were picked by some as Super Bowl contenders coming off a 13-3 season and have struggled to a 3-3 record. The Lions raced out to a 5-0 start before losing a game they should have won last week. The Falcons will win this game by having the better defense and making one more stop than the Lions defense. The Lions also have no running attack and Stafford has shown signs of slowing down from his hot start. The Falcons need this game to springboard them back into their division race and are a little more desperate for this win.

Chicago Bears 17 at Tampa Bay buccaneers 23

I would like to welcome back Josh Freeman after last weeks performance against the Saints. I was ALMOST getting worried about my fantasy Quarterback, but that was just sillyness by me. Freeman will be averaging two touchdowns a game from here on out and lead me to fantasy greatness!!! Unfortunatly he has to go to London to do this for the annual game in London. This is Tampa Bays second game in London thanks to their ownership group (Glazer family) also own the Manchester United. This is Freeman’s second game in London in only his third season, so I hope he likes it over there because he will be playing many more games over there in his career.

Game of the week

Denver Tebow’s 28 at Miami Dolphins 15

The Messiah of football is making his first start of the season on the road against the worst home field advantage in sports. The Miami Dolphins are 1-10 at home since the beginning of last year. What is even funnier is that The Miami Dolphins are honoring the Florida Gators championship team led by Tebow at halftime so I am pretty sure 90 percent of that crowd will be for Tebow. Are the Owners of the Dolphins trying to set some sort of futility mark??? Anyways, The Dolphins offense will hold itself to all field goals so it will be a great idea to pick up Dan Carpenter as your fantasy kicker. TIm Tebow will be cheered from the second he walks on to the field to the second he walks off it. He will go 11-25 for 160 yards with a running touchdown and two interceptions and he will be anointed the next John Elway. Miami, Are you ready for tebowmania?!?

Washington Redskins 24 at Carolina Panthers 31

This game comes down to a simple math equation. Cam Newton > John Beck. It is a pretty simple formula. Cam Newton will eventually start getting wins and just because the Redskins are 3-2 does not mean they are good. They barely beat a bad Cardinals team at home by one and they struggled to beat a winless Rams team. It would not surprise me one bit if Carolina wins this game easily.

Houston Texans 20 at Tennessee Titans 21

This is a very big game in the AFC SOuth Division. The Texans are 3-3 and the Titans are 3-2 and this game could go a long ways in deciding this division. Houston is going into this game without Mario Williams who is done for the year and probably still no Andre Johnson. This will be a very close game with alot on the line and it will come down to who plays better at Quarterback between Hasselback and Schaub and my money is going on Hasselback who has proved to be a big game quarterback.

Upset Special

Pittsburgh Steelers 14 at Arizona Cardinals 23

The Cardinals have always won a game like this since moving into their new stadium in 2006. They always pull out one of these home upsets and coming off their bye with the Steelers looking ahead next week to New England I like the Cards at home. This game also happens to be a Super Bowl rematch and the first time these teams have met since the 2009 Super Bowl. A game the Steelers won on two miraculous plays that day. Yes I still get bitter whenever I think about this game and it is not even over the fact that the Cards lost (my favorite team if you have not of already guessed). It is the fact that the Cardinals were the better team that day. If Harrison doesn’t make that miracle pick six the Cards are winning at the half instead of being down two scores. Even after that play the Cardinals still should have won that game. I am not saying the Cardinals were better than the Steelers that year. All I am saying is that the Cardinals were better than the Steelers on that day and knowing the next chance the Cardinals will have at winning the Super Bowl wont be until 2027, it still does hurt Cardinals fans and the remaining players from that team namely Nine Oh, Fitz, and WIlson will be highly motivated this Sunday.

Kansas City Chiefs 20 at Oakland Raiders 10

Carson palmer is not going to come out of his retirement and be the next Rich Gannon for Raider nation. It does not work that way. Also with that trade for Carson Palmer it leaves the Raiders with only  5th and a 6th round pick in next years draft. The funny thing is they invested 3 of their top 4 picks into quarterbacks. Their 1st round pick went to Cincy for Palmer, their 3rd round pick went to Pryor in the Supplemental draft, and their 4th round pick went to Washington for Jason Campbell. That is ruining your future 101 right there. Very Quietly the Chiefs are starting to make noise after their disastrous 0-3 start. If they can win this one they will be 3-3 and going home for Monday Night Football against the Chargers next week. For this game if you are in doubt then go with the team who does not have a Quarterback who was on his couch last week.

Locks of the week

Green Bay Packers 38 at Minnesota Vikings 10

St. Louis Rams 9 at Dallas Cowboys 28

Indianapolis Colts 13 at New Orleans Saints 34

The Quarterbacks for the Packers Cowboys and Saints are Rodgers, Romo, and Brees. The Quarterbacks for the VIkings, Rams, and Colts are Ponder, Feely, and Painter. Though Bradford could still play with a bad ankle I don’t think it matters. I dont even know what team has the best chance at pulling off the upset out of those three games. I am not even sure if any of those games can even be close. If you have Arod, Romo, or Brees on your fantasy teams you are in pretty good shape this week and lets leave it at that.

Monday Night Football

Baltimore Ravens 24 at Jacksonville Jaguars 3

The Ravens defense vs Blaine Gabbert on Monday Night Football. I think 3 points is giving the Jags too many in this one. The Ravens defense has been on a tear this season and it will continue down in Jacksonville. By the way who made the Monday Night football schedule this year and thought it was a great idea to give Jacksonville 2 monday night games. Yes we get to see these same Jaguars again in late November on Monday night. Can we get some flex scheduling for Monday Night yet??

Thank you to everyone who read my blog this week and if you like it please take a moment to subscribe to my blog. Thank you very much and I will keep working on getting better.


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Jeffrey Sanders writes for the Puma Press at Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix, Arizona. He is supported by his family, friends, and his girlfriend. Sports is his life as he is an avid follower of the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL. He hopes to attend the Walter Cronkite school of Journalism in the fall of 2012.

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