Week 8 NFL Picks

Welcome back everyone to another week of picks on this Halloween weekend. For this column there will be many Halloween references in celebration of the holiday. I also like to remember all of my favorite costumes I had back in my trick-or-treat days. My absolute best had to have been my freshman year when I went out in a Cardinals jersey that I decorated with a huge “X” on the numbers and wore a paper bag over my head to hide my identity as a Cardinals fan. This was the first year in their new stadium and was a couple of weeks after their Monday Night Meltdown. They were 1-7 I believe at the time and the laughingstock of football and I don’t think I ever got more compliments on any costume. That is the term I am also going to be using for many of this weeks games. There are many “paper bag” games this week. There is only one game that has both teams over .500 and in the Phoenix area your options of games as of now feature the Dolphins and Giants on CBS or the Cards and Ravens on FOX. If there was ever a Sunday to go out with the girlfriend or spend time with the family this is the Sunday to do it. Now on to the picks…..

Game Seven of the World Series

Texas Rangers 5 at St. Louis Cardinals 8

I have to mention baseball after last nights amazing Game Six. The greatness of a game other than football is measured by my brother. If he is actually watching a baseball, basketball, or hockey game it must be pretty good. So when I got this text while I was at work last night of “Dude your missing the game of the century,” I knew there had to been quite an epicness to what was happening in the World Series. For the Texas Rangers and its fans, that was one sucker punch in the gut that they may never recover from. The game was so close to being theirs that the Fox affiliate in Dallas decided to send this to its followers http://deadspin.com/5854131/. If they can somehow rebound and win tonight last night will just become a footnote. If they lose tonight then we may need to invent a curse for this franchise. They are the oldest team in baseball to never have won a World Series. For the St. Louis Cardinals and their fans, soak up every second of this amazing run to the championship because after tonight its Rams season!!

Arizona Cardinals 10 at Baltimore Ravens 17

Ron Jaworski on a local Phoenix radio station this week said it best when he gave his thoughts on the Cards. He said something close to either the players are stupid or the coaches are stupid and I think he is on to something. A team with this much talent should not be 1-5. A guy with as much talent as Kevin Kolb should not be looking this bad. There are so many issues with this team it is almost comical. Now they get to go face the a ticked of Baltimore Ravens team and their bone-chilling defense in Baltimore the day before Halloween and the outcome of this game could be scary for Cardinals fans.

Minnesota Vikings 14 at Carolina Panthers 28

It was not many years ago that the two Quarterbacks in this game were out trick-or-treating. Cam Newton is treating all of us now (especially Steve Smith fantasy owners) to stellar play. Cam Newton has a combination of both rushing and passing touchdowns of 15. That puts him just behind Rodgers, Brees, Brady, and Stafford in total touchdowns. This week he is facing the first quarterback taken after him in last years draft Christian Ponder. He played surprisingly well in his first start against the Green Bay Packers. All Leslie Frazier can ask of him is to play well enough to give his team a chance to win and this is exactly what he did. Unfortunatly for the Vikings this week they have to face the Cam Newton experience which means they are going to have to score and I don’t think Ponder does that in his first road NFL game.

Jacksonville Jaguars 13 at Houston Texans 21

Both these teams are coming off very impressive wins last week. The Texans put on a beat down of the Titans while the Jags upset the Ravens on Monday Night Football. The Jaguars have a sneaky good defense this year. They almost shutout the Ravens last week, only gave up 17 at Pittsburgh, and only gave up 23 to a Saints team that just put up 62 points. Only if they had a competant offense then this would be a playoff contender. Dont be surprised if they can pull another upset in Houston this week.

Locks of the week

Miami Dolphins 6 at New York Giants 27

New Orleans Saints 35 at St. Louis Rams 10

Indianapolis Colts 17 at Tennessee Titans 27

I am just going to lump all three of these teams together until one of them shows the ability to win a football game. Last week the Dolphins somehow blew a 15 point lead in the final five minutes to Tim Tebow. The Rams gave up 253 rushing yards to a rookie running back and the Colts lost 62-7 on Sunday Night Football. The Saints are like the big kids who smash pumpkins after all the kids are done trick-or-treating. First they smashed pumpkins at home and now they are deciding it will be more fun to go across the street and do it. Can they match their point total of last week against the Colts this week against the Rams???

Washington Redskins 20 at Buffalo Bills 31

The Redskins travel up to Toronto, yes Toronto, to face the Bills in their annual game in Canada with a depleted roster. This is a completely different team than the one that took the field on opening day and started 3-1. The good news at least for fantasy owners is that there is one less running back for Mike Shannahan to use which means more carries for Torain or Helu with Timmy Hightower done for the year.

Upset of the week

Detroit Lions 24 at Tebowmania 27

Ndamukong Suh is messing with fire when he used the word karma when talking about some of the Falcons player’s claims that he is a dirty player. When you are about to face the king of karma and the messiah of football you do not use the word karma to call someone out that is just common sense!! For good karma’s sake I will  not mess with fire and I am taking good karma (Tim Tebow) over bad karma ( Ndamukong Suh).

Game of the Week

New England Patriots 31 at Pittsburgh Steelers 27

You think I was kidding when I said this was an awful week of games?? We finally have a game worth watching and unfortunately for Pittsburgh the Patriots are coming off a bye. I dont think Belichick loses much when he gets an extra week to prepare for an opponent. The key for Pittsburgh to win this game will be their defense. They need a throwback Pittsburgh Steelers performance by this defense to win this game because Big Ben will put up points against the Pats. If the front seven can get to Brady then I really like the Steelers to win, but I can’t go against Belichick getting two weeks to prepare for the ‘burgh.

Cincinnati Bengals 14 at Seattle Seahawks 20

Did you know the Bengals are 4-2?? I am serious look it up!! unfortunately they have a rookie quarterback going up to the 12th man. The Seahawks best chance to win is for their crowd to fluster Andy Dalton and force him into a couple of turnovers that gives Seattle a short field because this team is offensively challenged. Three points against Cleveland??? If this game was in Cincy they would win going away, but you always have to factor in the home crowd up in Seattle and I think they give their S’hawks just enough to squeak out a victory.

Cleveland Browns 9 at San Fransisco 49ers 20

I am now giving my congratulations to Alex Smith and the rest of the 49ers for winning the NFC West Division title. Alex Smith deserves some credit for bringing his interception total waaaaay down this year and making plays to win games. The 49ers have always had a solid defense and a good run game they were just waiting for Smith to not lose games for them and he finally has done that. It is going to be a painful NFL season for me seeing the Niners go 11-5 and win this division.

Sunday Night Football

Dallas Cowboys 26 at Philadelphia Eagles 30

I do not think Dallas sports fans will have the stomach for another Romo choke job after tonight. It will probably be best for everyone in the Dallas area to have a movie night with their families or carve some pumpkins and not even watch this game. A matter of fact if I was a Dallas sports fan I will probably spend the next couple of days watching Dallas Mavericks reruns of their championship season to try to erase the World Series from my mind. If you do end up watching this game, then watch it with low hopes of a win. This is the week the Eagles finally beat a good team and fully renew their hopes for the playoffs. Look for a big game from Mike VIck and a motivated defense to propel the Eagles to the win.

Monday Night Football

Halloween night

San Diego Chargers 20 at Kansas City Chiefs 23

A revved up Arrowhead crowd on Halloween night on a Monday night is good for at least ten points for the Chiefs. Last year these teams opened the year on MNF at Arrowhead and the Chiefs used their home crowd to their advantage and a 21-14 victory and I think the same happens this year. If the Chiefs do win this game do you realize that they will be 4-3 and tied with San Diego and Oakland for first place?? Were they not just 0-3 and looking for a new coach and imagining the looks of Andrew Luck on billboards across Kansas City?? The Chargers after this game will petition the league to stop making them go to K.C. on Monday nights.

Last week: 8-5

Season 22-17

I hope everyone has a great and safe Halloween. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and if you have time please subscribe so you can get all of my updates. I added a link that makes it easier to subscribe and it just takes a few seconds. Thanks again everyone and enjoy your holiday weekend!


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Jeffrey Sanders writes for the Puma Press at Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix, Arizona. He is supported by his family, friends, and his girlfriend. Sports is his life as he is an avid follower of the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL. He hopes to attend the Walter Cronkite school of Journalism in the fall of 2012.

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