Week 10 NFL Picks

If I were in Vegas betting games this week I would stay away from the majority of these games. I have Denver and Kansas CIty as the “Coin Flip” of the week, but there are many games that could go either way. I would not be surprised if I went 5-10 or 10-5 this week. I am also going to apologize now for the shortness of this week’s post. I am a busy person on this holiday weekend so without further ado on to the picks!!

New Orleans Saints 24 at Atlanta Falcons 26

There are two Saints team….The “dome” Saints are almost unbeatable. The “away from the dome” Saints are very beatable. Atlanta wins this at home on a field goal in the final minute.

Pittsburgh Steelers 20 at Cincinnati Bengals 13

The Bengals are 6-2, but getting no national press and here is why: Their six wins are against the Browns, Bills, Jaguars, Colts, Seahawks, and Titans. If they can beat Pittsburgh they will start getting their national recognition.

St. Louis Rams 16 at Cleveland Browns 10

Things that I would rather do than be forced to watch this game include….watch ice skating, go to an opera, watch a Harry Potter movie, and I would even rather actually study for school than be forced to watch this game.

Buffalo Bills 28 at Dallas Cowboys 31

Keep giving the ball to Demarco Murray!!! The Bills have one of the leagues worst run defenses giving up the 8th most fantasy points to running backs in football, so it would just make great sense to keep feeding him the rock all game. (Yes, I do have Murray on my fantasy team so that was a bit of a biased reaction.)

Jacksonville Jaguars 20 at Indianapolis Colts 24

If not now when for the Colts???? Also, Thank you to the NFL for already flexing out the Colts Patriots Sunday Night game in a few weeks. We have had enough of the Curtis Painter show.

Coin Flip of the Week

Denver Broncos 17 at Kansas City Chiefs 23

The Denver Broncos are about to unleash an option attack never before seen in the NFL…This will either be unstoppable or a disaster with no in between.

Lock of the week

Arizona Cardinals 17 at Philadelphia Eagles 38

The Cardinals only shot in this game is if they can force some turnovers and get some good field position. If they do not force any turnovers than Mike Vick and Lesean Mccoy will have their way with the Cardinals defense.

Washington Redskins 12 at Miami Dolphins 17

And the home losing streak is over for those Dolphins!! How amazing is it that the DOlphins are 1-12 in their last 13 home games? Is that a reflection on the team or the fans for not giving the players a home field advantage? That is Cardinals when they were at Sun Devil Stadium status.

Houston Texans 21 at Tampa Bay Buccanears 28

In a matchup like this I look for the more desperate team and the team playing at home. Tampa fits both of those categories coming off a couple of losses and catch Houston with a nice lead in their division and looking towards their bye week.

Tennessee Titans 20 at Carolina Panthers 31

I do not think the Titans can keep up with the Cam Newton express in this one. The Titans win the 20-17 kind of games….not the first one to 30 type of game. This could be the game Chris Johnson decides to start his NFL season though and that would be an exciting development for the Titans and CJ2K fantasy owners.

Upset Special

Baltimore Ravens 20 at Seattle Seahawks 23

This may be where I get told I know nothing about football…here me out though. This is a tough game for any east coast team flying coast to coast going to Seattle. The Seahwaks fans will get up for this game and if Seattle can keep it close they very well may pull it out at the end. Baltimore is also coming off a very emotional win Sunday night in Pittsburgh and Flacco is the perfect QB to give Seattle that fluke pick six early that gives them the momentum to pull the upset. Seattle is due for one of those home upsets that they always pull in Seattle and I am calling it this week as my upset special.

Detroit Lions 24 at Chicago Bears 27

Jay Cutler has done the most out of any Quarterback in football this year with the the least amount of talent on his football team. Take Jay Cutler off this team and the Bears would be in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. Bears win this on a late field goal.

New York Giants 20 at San Fransisco 49ers 17

This would be a classic Eli no-show after a great game the week before, but I still think the Giants win on the road. The 49ers just need to show up for the rest of the year and they are going to the playoffs, so they will not have as much urgency until the playoffs start just like the Cardinals during their Super Bowl year when they got blown out 4 of the last 6 games. Giants need this game a little more than the Niners.

Game of the week

New England Patriots 21 at New York Jets 30

The Jets looked very good in their beat down of the Bills last week. The Patriots have looked very mediocre in their back to back losses to Pittsburgh and the Giants. So the question is, Do the Jets lose both games to the Patriots this year or do the Patriots lose 3 games in a row for the first time since…ever?? However you answer that question will probably influence who you have winning this game.

Monday NIght Football

Minnesota Vikings 17 at Green Bay Packers 34

The Packers march to an undefeated season continues on Monday Night Football.

Last week 6-7

Season 37-29

Happy Veterans day to all of the Veterans today. You guys are the real heros in this country and you deserve this day of honor for what you do for our country.


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