Week 11 NFL Picks

Why did the Denver Broncos beat the New York Jets last night? A better question should be, How did the Denver Broncos beat the New York Jets? That answer is very simple actually. The players on the Broncos believed more in their quarterback than the Jets believed in theirs. The Broncos KNEW that Tebow was going to somehow find a way to give them a chance to win while the Jets KNEW that Sanchez would do something to make it harder on themselves. Raise your hand if you were shocked when Sanchez threw that Pick SIx??? (Crickets) Raise your hand if you were expecting Tebow magic on his game winning drive?? Everyone is raising their hand right now. The Jets can not be a playoff team with Mark Sanchez unless they have a strong running game anda strong defense and the Jets have neither this year.

Good thing I did not choose this game or it would have given me another loss. I have been struggling the last couple of weeks, though I got saved calling my upset of the Seahawks over the Ravens. This week I guarantee a winning record and if that is not achieved I will do some “Tebowing” every day next week. Now on to the picks….

Dallas Cowboys 27 at Washington Redskins 17

The Redskins keep this competitive since they are at home and this is a rivalry game, but they are just too anemic on offense to win. The Redskins need a quarterback more than anyone in the draft and it would probably be best for everyone involved to lose out and get Matt Barkley.

Carolina Panthers 24 at Detroit Lions 20

I struggled with this one and it could even be my upset special, but with reports the Stafford is playing with a broken finer on his throwing hand and seeing the disaster in Chicago last week to back that up on top of the Lions looking ahead to their HUGE game on Thanksgiving with the Packers I can see the Panthers quietly coming in here and leaving even quieter with the victory. The Panthers game last week could have been totally different had Greg Olsen not fumbled inside the ten when it was only a 7-0 game. I do not buy the fact that Cam Newton is tiring out yet. The Lions had a wakeup call in Chicago last week and we will see if they are mature enough to bounce back at home.

Lock of the Week

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14 at Green Bay Packers 34

I have lost 3 “Lck of the Weeks” games so I may have inadvertantly put the Pack on upset alert. That is if the Packers offense can be stopped and I don’t see that happening this week. I think I have figured out the why Josh Freeman and the Bucs are struggling so much this year question. Look at this brutal stretch they are in right now starting in Week 5 @ 8-1 SF, Week 6, 7-3 New Orleans, Week 7 6-3 Chicago in London, Week 8 was a bye, Week 9 @ 7-3 NO, Week 10 7-3 Houston, Week 11 9-0 Green Bay. That is why Josh Freeman and the rest of your Tampa Bay Buccanears are struggling this season.

Toss up of the week

Oakland Raiders 24 at Minnesota Vikings 17

I have no idea how to pick this one so I am going to pick this based off the fact that Carson Palmer looks to be back in form for the Oakland Raiders. When they get Darren Mcfadden back the Raiders should be back in the playoffs if they can hold off the Denver Tebow’s. A fun fact I learned during last week’s Packer VIkings game was the Vikings currently do not have a stadium for next season. Does Minnesota not realize that Los Angeles is aggressively waiting for a team to fall in their laps? They better get their act together real soon or the VIkings will become the Los Angeles VIkings real soon.

Buffalo 26 at Miami Dolphins 16

The Dolphins are a blown lead to Tim Tebow, a blown lead in the final seconds to Cleveland, and a blown lead in the 4th to the GIants from actually being 5-4 and in the playoff discussion. They are not as bad as everyone is perceiving them to be. The BIlls seem to be doing their annual suck the life out of Buffalo after they give them some excitement routine. My man Fitzpatrick comes back to form and the Bills outscore the Dolphins in this one.

Jacksonville Jaguars 12 at Cleveland Browns 15

Things that top the list of things I would rather do than watch this game are this week see the movie Twilight while this game is being played. Besides MJD is their even any fantasy players in this game? Both kickers should be picked up in fantasy leagues because this will be a field goal shootout.

Cincinnatti Bengals 20 at Baltimore Ravens 28

Joe Flacco had 52 pass attempts last week and only threw for 254 yards. How do you not put up at least 300 Joe?? On a more important note Ray Lewis is expected to miss his first game since 2007 with a foot injury. Are the Ravens the same defense without Ray Lewis?? We will soon find out.

Upset Special

Arizona Cardinals 20 at San Fransisco 49ers 17

This is one of the more underrated rivalries in football. These teams hate each other badly. Cardinals Defensive Tackle Darnell Dockett says it best according to quotes from Dan Bickley, “I can’t (bleeping) stand the 49ers and they can’t stand me either.” Darnell Dockett does not even shake hands with the 49ers before or after games. There is so much hate that former 49er David Bass now with the Giants said that he was most excited to see Arizona on the schedule because of how much he hated them. That is the sign of a rivalry. The Cardinals will be playing this as their Super Bowl while the Niners have much more important games this season including the Harbaugh bowl in Baltimore on Thanksgiving night. If John Skelton wins this one and then if they can beat St. Louis next week the Cardinals will return home at 5-6 with four of five games remaining at home. (Kevin Garnetts voice) ANYTHING IS POSSSSAAABBBBLLEEEEEE!!!!!

Seattle 9 at St. Louis Rams 21

The Seahawks go back to their losing ways away from Seattle. I also think this will be the week Sam Bradford breaks out. He has to one of these days right??

Game of the Week

Tennessee Titans 24 at Atlanta Falcons 31

This is a big game for both of these teams. The Titans are 2 games behind the Texans who now have Matt Leinart playing Quarterback for the rest of the year. That race is nowhere near over in the AFC South. The Falcons are 5-4 and need a win to keep pace not only in their division, but in the Wildcard race as well.

San Diego Chargers 31 at Chicago Bears 27

I am not picking this game on logic at all. The Chargers had 4 of their 5 offensive lineman miss practice on Wednesday and coming off a home loss to the Raiders while the Bears are coming off a couple of huge wins. I am picking the Chargers based on Phillip Rivers having a classic Rivers day and winging it around the field like he is capable of doing. I also have my fantasy hopes relying on RIvers so some of this may be wishful thinking.

Sunday Night Football

Philadelphia Eagles 13 at New York Giants 24

This game is not pickable unless we know Mike Vick is playing… Actually yes it is the Giants will win this game regardless of who is playing. The Eagles have reached that level. I have never seen a team as soft as the Eagles are. The Arizona Cardinals defense looked like a Top-5 defense last week against the Eagles. You had Steve smith actually fall down a yard short on a 3rd and long play when he easily could have made it if he would have taken a hit. I am not making this up either. Then again as soon as you give up on Mike VIck he comes up with a huge game and as soon as you feel comfortable picking Eli Manning he comes up with a terrible game. I will move on to the next game before I talk myself into the Eagles again.

Monday Night Football

Kansas City Chiefs 10 at New England Patriots 35

I hope Tirico, Gruden and Jaws have their blowout material ready again this week. Tyler Palko is going to be the QB for the Chiefs for probably the rest of the season. Palko played college ball at Pitt with Larry FItzgerald and he is also Larry’s traveling QB. Yes Traveling QB. He vacations with Fitzgerald during the offseason so Larry can work out and have someone throw balls to him. Unfortunately that will not help him out facing Tom Brady in New England on Monday NIght Football.

Thanks for reading my blog everyone and you can now follow me on Twitter @jesanders11 if you want my opinion from around sports throughout the week.

Last Week: 7-8

Season: 44-37


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