Week 12 NFL Picks

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is finding all those deals today on Black Friday. Here are my Week 12 Quick Picks of Sunday’s games…By the way with my 3-0 start to the week the hope is there for the perfect weekend! Here are the picks….

Lock of the Week

Minnesota Vikings 13 at Atlanta Falcons 27

If Adrian Peterson does not play do the Vikings have a chance to win at all the rest of this season??

Arizona Cardinals 17 at St.Louis Rams 13

Kevin Kolb may be back in the lineup making these last 6 games the biggest of his career to keep his job going into next season. By the way did you know Sam Bradford has only 5 touchdowns this season?

Carolina Panthers 28 at Indianapolis Colts 14

Colts are running out of chances…..

Buffalo Bills 10 at New York Jets 20

Bills are too beat up to pull out the upset in New York. It was fun while it lasted in Buffalo.

Houston Texans 19 at Jacksonville Jaguars 16

Matt Leinart finally gets his chance to show he can be a starting NFL Quarterback. The Texans have enough talent around him to squeak pass the Jags.

Toss up of the week

Tampa Bay Buccanears 24 at Tennessee Titans 20

This game can go a majority of ways. Matt Hasselback is banged up and Chris Johnson has as much motivation as I have to study spanish, so I am going with the team that can play Green Bay tough on the road.

Upset Special

Chicago Bears 10 at Oakland Raiders 17

Not really an upset with the Bears starting Caleb Hanie, but the Bears are good enough to still win this game and would not be surprised if they did.

Denver Broncos 9 at San Diego Chargers 27

Tim Tebow needs a reality check soon and the Chargers need to win soon. Those two collide this Sunday in San Diego and the Chargers win easily

Washington Redskins 14 at Seattle Seahawks 21

Seattle is a tough place for teams traveling from the east (ask Baltimore). It is especially tough if you have a bad team.

New England Patriots 31 at Philadelphia Eagles 17

With news that Asomugha got carted off practice yesterday and the lingering injuries to DRC the Eagles “vaunted” suddenly is looking pretty nice for Mr. Brady.

Sunday Night Football

Pittsburgh Steelers 27 at Kansas City Chiefs 13

Why did the NFL not flex this game out of the Sunday Night schedule???

Monday Night Football

New York Giants 21 at New Orleans Saints 28

I can’t predict the Giants this season. For all Giants games I would just pick the opposite of me for the rest of this season.

This Week: 3-0

Lat week:7-6

Season: 54-33


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About jeffreysanders

Jeffrey Sanders writes for the Puma Press at Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix, Arizona. He is supported by his family, friends, and his girlfriend. Sports is his life as he is an avid follower of the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL. He hopes to attend the Walter Cronkite school of Journalism in the fall of 2012.

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