Week 14 NFL Power Rankings/picks

With 75% of the NFL season complete I think it is time for another power rankings to take us down the home stretch. The small number on the right of every team is where they were ranked during my last power rankings post back in week nine. As far as my picks are concerned, which you can find at the bottom of this page, may seem kind of crazy to you. I am leaning toward the home underdog in many of my picks this week. Every so often you will have a week of games that just makes zero sense and I feel like this will be that week. If it wasn’t for the Browns lack of offensive power they would have started out the week on the right track for my “crazy week” prediction. This could take a while so let’s get on to my rankings.

Andrew Luck Division

32. Indianapolis Colts (32) 0-12

When you have not won a game all year then you probably are not going to be moving up in the rankings. Lets get a quick analysis of the Colts remaining schedule to find a possible win on there. @ Baltimore, vs Tennessee, vs Houston (Thursday), @ Jacksonville.

My quick take is they might even win 2 possible games. Both home games are very winnable games given the Texans quarterback situation now and Jacksonville might actually be worse than the Colts. If they somehow win 2 games, depending on the tiebreaker system might lose them Andrew Luck considering….

31. St. Louis Rams (24) 2-10

The Rams only have two wins themselves and no healthy quarterbacks. They could possibly start a guy named Tom Brandsteter at QB due to injuries to Bradford and Feeley. If the Rams have the first pick, even with Bradford could they still take Luck? Bradford only has thrown for 6 touchdown passes all year and without the trade for Brandon Lloyd it could be even less. With his struggles maybe he is not the savior of the Rams and if the Colts somehow get hot and lose Luck, it will make for a big decision down in St. Louis.

Blaine Gabbert division

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (28) 3-9

Ladies and gentleman, Now taking the field for the 2014 NFL season your Los Angeles Jaguars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29. Minnesota Vikings (26) 2-10

You want to know a secret that has gotten no coverage?? The Minnesota Vikings do not have a stadium to play in next year. Their lease with their stadium runs out after this year and has yet to be renewed. A Minnesota columnist has even been tweeting things on this could be the final year in Minnesota if they refuse to vote for a new stadium. What happens then? Is it possible a team with a huge fan base and so much history can move?? Browns fans are nodding their head in shame. Art Modell is laughing hysterically.

Offensively inept division

28. Cleveland Browns (23) 4-9

A quick history… Art Modell moved the storied Browns after the 1995 season due to not being able to get a new stadium to Baltimore where he won a Super Bowl just a few years later. The Browns got an expansion team in 1999 and have made the playoffs once since then. They have had about 20 different quarterbacks with no hope in sight.

27. Washington Redskins (22) 4-8

Why, how, really??? are the questions I ask myself as to how the Cardinals lost to this team 22-21 back in week 2. Those are also the questions Redskins fans ask themself when they see Rex Grossman or John Beck play quarterback.

26. Tampa Bay Buccanears (15) 4-8

The Bucs took one of the biggest drops in the rankings. That is what happens when you have a historically tough schedule with a young team that overachieved a year ago. Head Coach Raheem Morris could be in some trouble if they don’t win a couple more games to close out the season.

25. Kansas City Chiefs (19) 5-7

In their last 5 games since their miracle MNF win against the Chargers the  Chiefs have scored a grand total of….2 touchdowns. One of those touchdowns was their prayer against Chicago last week. Yes, I agree I have no clue how this team has 5 wins.

Dream Team division

Buffalo Bills (11) 5-7

The Bills are 1-6since Ryan Fitzpatrick signed his contract extension….oops.

23. Philadelphia Eagles (7) 4-8

I think this guy says it all….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3x4DUrMz1Vw&feature=results_main&playnext=1&list=PL61709C6BAE665CB2

22. Carolina Panthers (27) 4-8

Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers are going to be pretty good. Whoever they play here on out needs to be on upset alert.

21. San Diego Chargers (18) 5-7

Here comes the Chargers run down the stretch and no one is rooting for it harder than I am. I have Phillip Rivers on my fantasy team so I think it is time for himt ogo on his 300 yard 2/3 touchdowns a game streak he goes on every December.

Rocky Balboa Division

20. Miami Dolphins (31) 4-8

Is Matt Moore an actual franchise quarterback?? Could Tony Sparano actually save his job?? Has Reggie Bush actually found a job as a starting NFL running back?? Has the Miami Dolphins actually become the one team no one wants to face???

19. Arizona Cardinals (29) 5-7

If the Cardinals win this week they will almost be guaranteed of 8-8 with home games against Cleveland and Seattle still remaining. How amazing would that be considering they were at 1-6 with the Rams coming on the field to kick a potential game winning field goal just a few weeks ago??

18. Seattle Seahawks (25) 5-7

Could the Seahawks win out along with the Cardinals and force NBC to put another NFC west game on Sunday NIght football to end the year as they fight for the final NFC playoff spot?? The Cardinal season ticket holder in me would like to think so!!

New York Division

17. New York Jets (17) 7-5

16. New York Giants (16) 6-6

These two teams have moved up/down exactly zero spots. Mark Sanchez interception total has increased by about 41 since then as well.

Not quite ready division

15. Tennessee Titans (21) 7-5

Chris Johnson, Welcome back to the NFL!

14. Oakland Raiders (20) 7-5

Carson Palmer, Welcome back to the NFL!

13. Cincinnati Bengals (13) 7-5

Andy Dalton to A.J. Green will be putting up big numbers for a long time. But, as the 35-7 beat down to Pittsburgh shows…this team still is a year from making real noise in the AFC.

12. Detroit Lions (9) 7-5

I hope no one has bought playoff tickets in Detroit yet and if you did I really hope there is a way you can get your money back. This team has lost all self-control and that falls on the head coach. I would not even be surprised if they lose to the Vikings at home this week. When they get composure they will be a very good team, but until then… a bottom out finish of 8-8 is likely.

Jake Delhomme division

11. Chicago Bears (14) 7-5

The Bears did something bad karma wise for potential season ending injuries to both Jay Cutler and Matt Forte. They end up in the Jake Delhomme division because they have Caleb Hanie running plays for them with the potential of….Josh McCown, yes former Cardinal Josh McCown playing for the Bears this season. I feel like punching myself in the face and I could care less about the Bears!!!

10. Houston Texans (10) 9-3

It looks like T.J Yates might actually be decent enough to not blow the entire season for the Texans. But the legendary Jake Delhomme is looming and Vegas has to be TERRIFIED of the prospects of Delhomme in the playoffs facing Revis island and the NEw York Jets in round one.

Tony Romo Division

9. Atlanta Falcons (6) 7-5

8 Dallas Cowboys (12) 7-5

These two teams have all the talent to make a run to the Super Bowl, but there is just something missing with these two teams this season. I don’t think Atlanta has ever recovered from that Packers game last year. A game like that can really have a lasting effect on a franchise. The Cowboys meanwhile have the same issue every year. Something is just missing that you can never fully describe and if you watched them this week against the Cardinals I think you know where I am getting at. Super Bowl contending teams win games like that. The Cowboys are not contending for a Super Bowl this season.

God division

7. Denver Broncos (30) 7-5

You know the Denver Broncos are going to make a run to the Super Bowl…how else will a team with Tim Tebow finish off this season?? People are now starting the arguments how the defense or Willis Mcgahee are the facts that are winning games. Yes, factually they are the facts of what is winning games for the Broncos, but the defense and running game is not what is REALLY winning games. The belief that this team has and the confidence they have with Tebow at QB is what is winning games. The Broncos are at a point right now where they KNOW that Tebow will make plays to win a game down the stretch. They KNOW the defense will come up with a stop or turnover when needed. They KNOW  that they will win the game. When a team reaches this point they are very scary to play against and the sky is the limit for the Broncos this season. For everyone who says that the defense is winning games…ask them this… Are the Broncos 7-5 with Kyle Orton??

Alex Smith division

6. San Fransisco 49ers (8) 10-2

I will man up and take this space to congratulate the 49ers on winning the NFC West and making the playoffs for the first time since 2002. You guys deserve this and I wish you the best all the way to the NFC Championship game when we get to see Alex Smith in Lambeau Field in January. Comedy Central re-read what I just wrote….Alex Smith…in Green Bay….in January….


5. New England Patriots (4) 9-3

Tom Brady gives the Pats a chance every year to win the Super Bowl, but the defense just is not Super Bowl worthy enough for me to have them any higher than number five.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (3) 10-3

That was a gutsy win and a gutsy performance by Big Ben and the Steelers last night. Numbers 2-5 could go any numbers of ways and I pulled Pittsburgh out of the hat for number four, so please, all frontrunner Steelers fans do not complain to me about them not being number one. Take the number four ranking like a man and if you don’t like it switch your favorite team to the Packers.

3. New Orleans Saints (5) 9-3

If they can somehow still the 2 seed from the 49ers…. Comedy Central are you paying attention????? Alex Smith….in the Dome….in January!!!

2. Baltimore Ravens (2) 9-3

The Ravens get up for the big games and play down to their opponents. In the playoffs every game is a big game, so the playing down effect can not happen for the Ravens. The only person that can ruin the Super Bowl chances for this team is Joe Flacco…. Umm O.K all frontrunner Steelers fans now have permission to question why those two are not swapped in these rankings.

Discount Double-check division

1. Green Bay Packers (1) 12-0

Aaron Rodgers has the same number of rings as Favre, a better regular season than Favre ever had, and maybe the greatest commercial which is the opposite of what Favre has. You get where I am going with this?? Aaron Rodgers will have a better career than Brett Favre and I do not think that is going out on a limb anymore either.

Week 14 predictions

Lock of the Week

Patriots 30 at Redskins 13

Vikings 21 at Lions 26

Falcons 20 at Panthers 27

Eagles 24 at Dolphins 17

Chiefs 6 at Jets 17

Texans 10 at Bengals 20

Buccanears 14 at Jaguars 10

Colts 14 at Ravens 31

Upset Special

Saints 19 at Titans 21

49ers 16 at Cardinals 23

Bears 17 at Broncos 20

Raiders 24 at Packers 34

Bills 21 at Chargers 38

Tossup/ Sunday Night

Giants 24 at Cowboys 27

Monday Night Football

Rams 3 at Seahawks 16 (Thanks ESPN)

Last week: 11-4

Season 76-53



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