Week NFL Picks

I’m getting straight to the picks due to my computer shutting off after I was half way done with this post. I do not have time to rewrite everything I had written here so since I am on a time deadline onto the picks.

Saturday night

Dallas Cowboys 35 at Tampa Bay Bucs 16

The Bucs have given up on this season. I do not think even Blaine Gabbert himself thought he could put up 41 points in a NFL game himself. Meanwhile, there is no better comedy in sports then seeing the Jerry Jones face as the Cowboys are blowing a game on national television. If you have ever watched a Cowboys game you know what I am saying. I hope the Cowboys get to the playoffs just to see more of the Jerry Jones losing face. Hilarious!

Washington Redskins 17 at New York Giants 21

This has classic Giants written all over it. Getting a big win on the road then coming home and losing to a bad team. The only reason I am not picking the Skins is because they are so injury ravaged that I think no matter how hard the Giants try to lose, they will end up pulling out the win at home.

Seattle Seahawks 16 at Chicago Bears 10

If I was a bears fan I would probably have punched myself in the face at least 50 times after that loss Sunday to the Tebows. Also I want to give Barber a .55% of a break for running out-of-bounds. My reason…why did the Bears even call a stretch run toward the sidelines in the first place??? Just knee it four time for crying out loud!! Not even Jesus himself could throw a 80 yard pass with ten seconds. That game was a huge sucker punch to all Bears fans and I can feel your pain…you guys were TEBOWED!!

New Orleans Saints 38 at Minnesota Vikings 21

The Vikings secondary was shredded by Tim Tebow… What is Drew Brees going to do to it??

Lock of the week

Cincinnati Bengals 27 at St. Louis Rams 10

Steve Spagnuolo deserves a better fate than what is being dealt to him. He is the coach of a depleted and awful football team and he deserves a better fate. The Rams have won 15 games in the last 5 years. How would you like to be a St. Louis football fan??

Miami Dolphins 20 at Buffalo Bills 27

Ryan Fitzpatrick is now 1-6 since signing his 50 million dollar contract extension. Can they return that contract to Wal-mart???

Upset Special

Tennessee Titans 17 at Indianapolis Colts 20

Yes, I am calling it…. The Colts will win and avoid going 0-16 this week. Hasselback will probably be out this week meaning Jake Locker will start for the Titans. With the Texans winning the division last week it gives the Titans little to play for this week and I feel like the Colts will play this as their Super Bowl. I am going to pick the more desperate team in this one and the Colts have some very prideful veterans who will not accept a 0-16 season.

Green Bay Packers 31 at Kansas City Chiefs 13

Packers keep rolling toward a 16-0 season with an easy one against the Chiefs.

Carolina Panthers 17 at Houston Texans 23

When the Panthers get a good defense they will be a very scary team. Cam Newton can only do so much. Arian Foster and Ben Tate will run all over this defense and the defense will slow down Newton just enough for the Texans to pull out yet another win.

Detroit Lions 24 at Oakland Raiders 28

The Lions need to lose one of the next two games and HAVE to lose the Packers game to finish 9-7 and give the Cardinals the tiebreaker over the Lions if they both finish 9-7 for the playoffs spot. Why am I getting my hopes for this??

Cleveland Browns 13 at Arizona Cardinals 20

This game is not as much as a lock as it seems. It all depends on if the Browns come to play or not. There are talks Browns coach Pat Shumar will be getting the pink slip after just one year due to players tuning him out already and not listening to him, If that is the case the Cards should pull out easy. If the Browns decide to come motivated this will be a game. Remember the Cardinals could have easily loss almost all the games that they have won on this streak meaning they could just as easily be 2-10 rather 6-7. If they take care of business though they will be back at .500 which is remarkable given where they were.

New York Jets 21 at Philadelphia Eagles 17

Yes I will actually pick Mark Sanchez to win a big game on the road. Yes I am picking Mark Sanchez because I have Shonn Greene and Santonio Holmes on my fantasy team and need a few touchdowns from them.

New England Patriots 28 at Denver Tebows 21

Ummmm ya I better not try to say anything intelligent and move on.

Sunday Night Football

Baltimore Ravens 23 at San Diego Chargers 28

Here comes the Chargers run in December towards the playoffs. Unfortunately for them they are going up against the Tebows and Jesus this time.

Monday Night Football

Pittsburgh Steelers 14 at San Fransisco 49ers 15

Even if the Niners beat a beat up Steelers team without Roethilsberger and Harrison does not change the fact this team is limited on offense and can not score touchdowns. They have only scored 4 touchdowns in their last 20 trips in the red zone. The Niners lucked into a few wins and played a few teams at the right time which has given them this 10-3 record. Yes they have a good defense, but not much else. Please San Fransisco, give Alex Smith an extension…the rest of the NFC West is begging you.

Last Week: 10-5

Season: 86-58


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