NFL week 16 picks

This has to be one of the best weekends that any calendar year can come up with. It is Christmas weekend with the bonus of having the NFL and opening day of the NBA all in one weekend (check back next week for my NBA preview). Can anyone come up with a more perfect weekend? Tomorrow morning we get to spend the day watching the NFL unless you have last second shopping to do which I would recommend doing today. Then after a full day of football it will be Christmas Eve and a night to be with your families and celebrate the holiday. Then on Sunday you get to wake up and open all of your presents from Santa and after that you get to watch 5 NBA games featuring probably 8 or 9 of the most interesting teams in the league. I almost forgot, you also get another football game to watch Christmas Night as well. I challenge anyone to come up with a better weekend than that. Football basketball, Christmas, family, Santa, gifts, traditions and fantasy. I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and Merry Christmas to everyone.

Back in the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes

Minnesota Vikings 17 at Washington Redskins 21

St. Louis Rams 6 at Pittsburgh Steelers 23

Thanks to the Texans for playing the most conservative game in recent memory and to Dan Orlovsky for being on a mission to not lose his backup job to some rookie prodigy the Rams and Vikings are right back in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. The Colts play the Jaguars next week and with the way both teams are playing I am betting Colts which means if the Rams or Vikings lose out they will have the number one pick. For the Rams that probably means trading it and getting 4 or 5 extra picks. For the Vikings maybe the same maybe not. They just took Christian Ponder last year in the first round so I am not sure they take another 1st round quarterback. For the Colts I am benching Dan Orlovsky immediately and getting Curtis Painter back out onto the field.

Tampa Bay Buccanears 14 at Carolina Panthers 27

Raheem Morris is probably the next head coach to be getting the pink slip. It happens when you don’t win a game after October 16th. The Panthers are going to be a very good team for the next decade as long as they build a defense to go with Cam Newton and that run game.

Upset of the Week

Denver Tebows 17 at Buffalo Bills 23

I think it is hilarious that we finally have a city who could care less about Tim Tebow and that is Buffalo, New York. Buffalo as of Wednesday had not sold 24,000 of its tickets meaning it will be blacked out in the local area. This is my upset pick of the week mostly due to my gut instinct. My gut told me to take the Colts as I said on my Twitter @jesanders11 before the game, but of course I did not. Sorry Tim, Im going with my gut on this one.

Lock of the Week

Miami Dolphins 23 at New England Patriots 34

A win and the Patriots clinch a bye in the first round. That is all Tom and Bill need for me to make this the lock of the week over a tough Dolphins team.

Flip a Coin

New York Giants at New York Jets

Would anyone in their right mind even bet a dollar on this game? You are literally flipping a coin when picking this game. I will say Jets, but I don’t even have a score for you. Both teams have been major disappointments, yet the Jets with a win will probably get the 6th seed which means a game against the Houston Texans. After that would be a trip to face the Patriots who they eliminated last year. Jets fans you are welcome for that sliver of hope…Giants fans you are on your own.

Arizona Cardinals 20 at Cincinnati Bengals 16

Walking around the mall with my brother the other day we walked into the sports memorabilia store when we saw an autograph photo of Adrian Wilson. This wasn’t just any autograph photo either. This is what me and my brother agree on is Adrian Wilson’s greatest hit ever. The hit came on Bills quarterback Trent Edwards in 2008. The Bills came into the game 4-1 I think and they were the talk of the NFL. First series of the game on the 3rd play Dubs comes untouched and knocks out Edwards with a crushing hit. Pretty much ruined Edwards career and is probably the greatest hit in Wilson’s career. It was $25 well spent plus another 10 for a frame and it is now one of the prized possessions of our Cardinals room in our house. Here is the you tube link to the hit…

Cleveland Browns 10 at Baltimore Ravens 21

Hopefully Anquan Boldin is only out the remaining two weeks and will be back come playoff time. The Ravens and Joe Flacco need him in that offense to have any success in the playoffs. I kind of feel like the Ravens spent so much time, energy and focus into beating the Steelers this year that every other game does not seem as important and that is why you see the losses to the Jaguars, Titans and Chargers among others. If they are not careful they could blow the division and have to go on the road again in the playoffs.

Jacksonville Jaguars 16 at Tennessee Titans 20

What is new owner Shahid Khan’s first move going to be for the Jaguars? A. Announce the team will eventually move to Los Angelos B. Hire a new coach or C. get rid of Blaine Gabbert and pretend he never existed in the franchise and trade the next 5 future first round picks to draft Andrew Luck??? Correct Answer is C.

Oakland Raiders 10 at Kansas City Chiefs 13

This is another game I have no idea of who to pick. I will take the Chiefs since they are at home and have the better defense. Where has Darren Mcfadden gone for the Raiders?? That one injury has probably cost the Raiders the division and first playoff berth since 2002. Very unfortunate for Raider Nation I feel for you guys.

San Diego Chargers 31 at Detroit Lions 24

The Chargers just do not lose in December. It is just not conceivable for Philip Rivers and Co to lose a game in December. This year may be the time where it is too little too late for them.

Philadelphia Eagles 26 at Dallas Cowboys 23

Here is how the Eagles win the NFC East…They win out, and the Giants lose this week and beat the Cowboys next week which would create a 3 way tie and the tiebreaker would belong to the Eagles. Dream Team is not out of it yet Ladies and Gentlemen!!!!!

San Francisco 49ers 20 at Seattle Seahawks 24

This is not another “I hate the 49ers pick.” This is a I am picking logically pick. The Seahawks can be almost impossible to beat at home when they are playing for something important which is for their playoff lives. Also, Seattle was only down 2 points before Ted Ginn took back a kickoff and a punt for a touchdown in the final five minutes to blow the game open in Week 1. This is one of my more for sure bets of the week. Take Seattle at home and thank me later.

Christmas Night

Chicago Bears 7 at Green Bay Packers 24

Josh McCown is starting for the Bears this week in Lambeau Field. McCown has not started a NFL game since 2007. McCown started for the Cardinals back when they won 4 games a year almost a decade ago. Ladies and Gentlemen Merry Christmas!!!!

Monday Night Football

Atlanta Falcons 21 at New Orleans Saints 30

I am not sure why everyone is penciling in the Falcons for the playoffs. There is no way they win here in the Dome this week and next week they play Tampa Bay, which yes they are awful, but they will get up to play their hated rivals if they can knock them out of the playoffs. The Saints are my Super Bowl pick as of right now. Their only deficiency is playing on the road which they may have to do twice, but they are a good enough team to win 2 on the road and make the Super Bowl.

Last Week: 9-6

Season: 95-64

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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