Suns must trade Steve Nash

The Phoenix Suns are awful. They are not competitive. They are bad. Whatever you call them they are all of the above. The Suns are in the middle of a 5 game losing streak with stops in New York, Boston, and Dallas still left on the road trip. The Suns have no hope this year and no hope for the future. As of right now they are stuck in NBA purgatory. What does that mean? It means the Suns and their fans are staring at years of missing the playoffs and barely sneaking into the playoffs only to get smacked in the first round. They have no superstar to build around. They have a team of role players and aging stars better suited to play on teams that can win now. That is why the Suns need to trade Steve Nash as soon as possible.

Most Suns fans do not want to hear this. Heck, I do not want to even hear this. As a lifelong Suns fan and a preacher of the importance of loyalty in a world where there is not much of it, I do not want to see Nash go. The Suns ownership though has unfortunately put themselves in this boat and it is only fair to Steve Nash and the fans of the Suns to trade him now to help speed up the rebuilding process. Steve Nash is a great guy and has done wonders for this franchise. He has won 2 MVPS and took this team to the Western Conference FInals 3 times since he came here in 2004. He does not deserve to be put in the position of having to make the choice to leave the Suns to go to a more competitive situation.

From a Suns perspective, trading Nash now can bring you back valuable assets to put this team in a position to rebuild its franchise that will have to happen sooner rather than later. Nash is certain to bring you back a first round pick and possibly a solid rotation player. Trading Nash also means the Suns will not get many more wins this season that would put this team in position for a top five pick in a talent rich draft. Teams HAVE  to bottom out to have a chance to draft a star and rebuild. Chicago was stuck in purgatory until they won the lottery and drafted Rose. Ditto Orlando and Dwight Howard and Oklahoma City with Kevin Durant. You need a superstar to win in this league and that is why it is so critical the Suns do not win enough games that would take them out of a top five draft pick. Trading Nash guarantees it. Add another first round pick and the Suns who also would have enough cap room to sign up to two max deals next summer go be a team contending for the playoffs again as soon as next year.

The worst case scenario, which knowing how Suns management works could very well happen, would be to keep Nash for the season and win juusssstttt enough games that they get the 11th pick or so in the draft. You are NOT rebuilding your team by continually drafting the Markief Morris, Robin Lopez, or Earl Clark’s of the world. Then Nash is able to choose where he wants to go and he picks the Suns hated rival the Lakers who desperately need a point guard.  I just want to punch myself in the face thinking about that possibility.

If your a Suns fan and are frustrated by all of this then you know where to put your frustration towards. Robert Sarver has blown this team from being a possible dynasty. He has personally ran out-of-town the following: Joe Johnson, Shawn Marion, Mike D’antoni, and Amare Stoudemire. Even with the Suns roster changing year after year and stars coming in and out-of-town Steve Nash has remained a class-act and deserves the best from this team and the entire Suns fanbase. Though it is going to be tough to see him go this day is going to come eventually and “we” the fans deserve a winning product again and Nash deserves to be in a winning organization and the only solution is sadly to part ways.


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Jeffrey Sanders writes for the Puma Press at Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix, Arizona. He is supported by his family, friends, and his girlfriend. Sports is his life as he is an avid follower of the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL. He hopes to attend the Walter Cronkite school of Journalism in the fall of 2012.

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