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Hope for the Coyotes??

This weekend at the NHL All-Star game in Ottawa, commissioner Gary Bettman gave his annual state of the league address with the media. In his address he mentioned that there is a 3rd bidder that is now involved in buying and keeping the Coyotes in Phoenix. The 3rd bidder’s name is undisclosed, but rumored to be a serious buyer. The other people involved are Jerry Reinsdorf who is the owner of the Chicago White Sox. Reinsdorf has a home in the valley and the White Sox spring training facility is right across the street from arena. The other potential buyer is former San Jose Sharks CEO Greg Jaimson. THe NHL did not set a deadline for a deal to be reached, but Bettman did indicate that time is starting to run out. He has called multiple cities that are interested in a team to be ready when or if he opens the sale of the Coyotes to people who want to relocate them.

My opinion is that the Coyotes can survive one more year without an owner. The reason….the NHL may be heading towards another lockout during the next season. That means that the NHL would not want to move a team during a strike-shortened year giving the Coyotes more time for a buyer. The NHL also already moved the Atlanta Thrashers back to Canada last season. Moving another team would be more embarrassing to Bettman who brought all of these teams to the southern states. If the city of Glendale is willing to pay another 25 million to run the team I think the Coyotes can last another season.

People who say that the Coyotes or hockey can’t work in Arizona are wrong. When the Coyotes had stars like Keith Tkachuck and Jeremy Roenick and making playoff appearances every season they were selling out nightly and the hottest ticket in town. The city of Phoenix is a frontrunners city. Now that the Phoenix Suns are awful watch how bad their attendance starts to plummet. If you win people will come and the Coyotes have been winning with the threat of relocation and with the competitive disadvantage of not being able to spend as much money on players as the rest of the NHL. As soon as the Coyotes can get an owner and the threat of leaving is over, fans will come back. Don Maloney, who is one of the better GMS in the sport, and Dave Tippet, one of the best coaches in hockey, will finally be able to get the players they want and the Coyotes can finally be the winners that they have the potential to be. Until then the Coyotes will continue to scratch and claw their way to victories, which quite frankly is more exciting than anything that the Phoenix Suns have been giving us to watch.


Suns must trade Steve Nash

The Phoenix Suns are awful. They are not competitive. They are bad. Whatever you call them they are all of the above. The Suns are in the middle of a 5 game losing streak with stops in New York, Boston, and Dallas still left on the road trip. The Suns have no hope this year and no hope for the future. As of right now they are stuck in NBA purgatory. What does that mean? It means the Suns and their fans are staring at years of missing the playoffs and barely sneaking into the playoffs only to get smacked in the first round. They have no superstar to build around. They have a team of role players and aging stars better suited to play on teams that can win now. That is why the Suns need to trade Steve Nash as soon as possible.

Most Suns fans do not want to hear this. Heck, I do not want to even hear this. As a lifelong Suns fan and a preacher of the importance of loyalty in a world where there is not much of it, I do not want to see Nash go. The Suns ownership though has unfortunately put themselves in this boat and it is only fair to Steve Nash and the fans of the Suns to trade him now to help speed up the rebuilding process. Steve Nash is a great guy and has done wonders for this franchise. He has won 2 MVPS and took this team to the Western Conference FInals 3 times since he came here in 2004. He does not deserve to be put in the position of having to make the choice to leave the Suns to go to a more competitive situation.

From a Suns perspective, trading Nash now can bring you back valuable assets to put this team in a position to rebuild its franchise that will have to happen sooner rather than later. Nash is certain to bring you back a first round pick and possibly a solid rotation player. Trading Nash also means the Suns will not get many more wins this season that would put this team in position for a top five pick in a talent rich draft. Teams HAVE  to bottom out to have a chance to draft a star and rebuild. Chicago was stuck in purgatory until they won the lottery and drafted Rose. Ditto Orlando and Dwight Howard and Oklahoma City with Kevin Durant. You need a superstar to win in this league and that is why it is so critical the Suns do not win enough games that would take them out of a top five draft pick. Trading Nash guarantees it. Add another first round pick and the Suns who also would have enough cap room to sign up to two max deals next summer go be a team contending for the playoffs again as soon as next year.

The worst case scenario, which knowing how Suns management works could very well happen, would be to keep Nash for the season and win juusssstttt enough games that they get the 11th pick or so in the draft. You are NOT rebuilding your team by continually drafting the Markief Morris, Robin Lopez, or Earl Clark’s of the world. Then Nash is able to choose where he wants to go and he picks the Suns hated rival the Lakers who desperately need a point guard.  I just want to punch myself in the face thinking about that possibility.

If your a Suns fan and are frustrated by all of this then you know where to put your frustration towards. Robert Sarver has blown this team from being a possible dynasty. He has personally ran out-of-town the following: Joe Johnson, Shawn Marion, Mike D’antoni, and Amare Stoudemire. Even with the Suns roster changing year after year and stars coming in and out-of-town Steve Nash has remained a class-act and deserves the best from this team and the entire Suns fanbase. Though it is going to be tough to see him go this day is going to come eventually and “we” the fans deserve a winning product again and Nash deserves to be in a winning organization and the only solution is sadly to part ways.

Where will Peyton go???

Yesterday on the CBS pregame show, insider and former NFL GM Charlie Casserly named the Arizona Cardinals as a darkhorse for Peyton Manning if the Colts should be dumb enough to let him go. This idea has motivated me to breakdown the most likely destinations for Peyton Manning this offseason. The Colts have until March 8th to pay Manning a 28 million dollar roster bonus or be forced to let him be a free agent. Also remember the Colts will be taking Andrew Luck in the draft so there is a possibility of this happening. Will Peyton Manning be coming to a city near you? Lets find out!!

I am automatically eliminating Green Bay, New England, Philadelphia, New York Giants, Detroit, Chicago. Carolina, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Buffalo, Houston, San Diego and Oakland. These teams either have established quarterbacks or have already committed long-term to their current quarterbacks. This leaves us with 12 teams to choose from. I will go by alphabetical order of the teams and say “Why he would” and “Why he Wouldnt.” Let the fun begin!

Arizona Cardinals

Why he would: The Cardinals have everything that you could possibly offer to Peyton Manning. This is a team that managed to win 8 games with the dynamic duo of John Skeleton and Kevin Kolb. He will be throwing to the best wide receiver in football and has a very good running back. He would be in a dome with a coach who likes to throw instead of pass. This option actually makes a ton of sense for both parties. The Cardinals could also release Kevin Kolb by not paying his roster bonus and be out of his lucrative contract to give them room to offer the house to Manning. I would have to think that this situation would highly appeal to Manning and I am now hoping the Colts make the stupid decision to let Manning walk.

Why he would not: He wants to win a Super Bowl now and finds a team in an even better spot than the Cardinals or he gets offered more money elsewhere.

Cleveland Browns

Why he would: Ummmm it is a close drive to the football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. He could drive down there every week and visualize where his bust will be and put one on reserve.

Why he would not: In all honesty, Manning would probably retire than play for the Cleveland Browns. They have talent at the skill positions and even with the upgrade of Manning they would hardly be a borderline playoff team in a division with Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Cincinnati. Less than 0% for the Browns.

Dallas Cowboys

Why he would: He would be offered the most money, play in a dome and have the greatest overall talent on offense of any team that would be in the running for him. Jerry Jones would give Manning the keys to the city, his yachts, his mansion and probably even the stadium. He will be inside for 8 games a year and be throwing to Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Laurent Robinson and Jason Witten. There is just one problem.

Why he would not: The Cowboys already have Tony Romo. You are probably wondering why I put them on the possible destination list right? Well, their owner is Jerry Jones and he wants to win now and will upgrade at any position at any cost if it will win him a few more games and Manning is an upgrade over Romo. This is a major wildcard team for Manning should he be free and they would have to be in the frontrunning if Jones is interested.

Denver Broncos

Why he would: This is a playoff team with Tim Tebow. With Manning they would be Super Bowl contenders. (Obligatory opinion time on Tim Tebow) I do not get why it is a miracle the Broncos won this game or when Tebow wins any game. He has his strengths and weaknesses like every athlete to play any sport. Yesterday the Steelers played a defense that suited Tebow’s strengths, which is throwing the ball down the field. The Steelers were keeping their safeties in to stop the run and by doing that they left their corners out to dry. The Steelers defense was also depleted by the time the game was over. There was no way the Broncos should have lost yesterday. I think it would have been more of a miracle if the Steelers won rather the Broncos.

Why he would not: He does not want to deal with the craziness of the media and Tebow disciples when they go crazy to start Tebow again when he throws his first interception.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Why he would: He would stay in the Colts division with the chance to stick it to his old team twice a year and be the face of a new era of Jaguars football.

Why he would not: He has no one to throw the ball to and he wants to play for a contender, which the Jaguars are not.

Miami Dolphins

Why he would: Their owner Stpehen Ross would pay him whatever he wants and he would be able to play in South Beach. He could also bring over former Miami start Reggie Wayne with him to team up with Brandon Marshall and compete with Tom Brady twice a year.

Why he would not: I do not know why he would not jump at that possibility actually.

Minnesota Vikings

Why he would: He would stay indoors and play for a team with Adrian Peterson has it’s running back with a possible wide receiver tandem of Percy Harvin and Justin Blackman if they select him with their 3rd pick in the draft.

Why he would not: This is a 3-13 team. Remember the theme of wanting to contend for Super Bowls??

New York Jets

Why he would: He would play in the biggest market in sports and get to play Tom Brady twice. I am curious… Have Jets fans come to the realization that Mark Sanchez is not good yet??

Why he would not: Rex Ryan still believes in Mark Sanchez and Manning does not want to play outdoors in cold weather for half the year.

San Francisco 49ers

Why he would: He would be contending for Super Bowls and play for one of the hottest coaches in football with the chance to revive a great football market even more.

Why he would not: The Niners would not be able to offer him as much money as other teams and he would not want to deal with the weather conditions in San Francisco.

Seattle Seahawks

Why he would: I am not really sure there is any good reason for him to come here.

Why he would not: Bad weather conditions, limited offensive talent, not enough money…etc etc

Tennessee Titans

Why he would: He would stay in his division and face the Colts twice a year and get to play with CJ2k and Kenny Britt.

Why he would not: Will not be winning championships here.

Washington Redskins

Why he would: Money….Money….Money…. There could be a money shootout in the NFC East between Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones this coming spring.

Why he would not: Redskins do not have much talent on offense to make any threat at a Super Bowl.

There you have it. To recap I think the Cardinals, Cowboys, Dolphins, 49ers, and Vikings would be the most intriguing to Peyton Manning. This is all fictional talk of course until the Colts decide what they will end up doing. The Colts would make the worst decision in the history of the NFL if they let Manning walk, but if they do, they would make one city and one organization’s dreams come true this coming spring. Until then all 12 teams I mentioned can dream happy thoughts.


Cardiac Cards

There is something going on with this Cardinals team that is beginning to reach the point of having no explanations for anything anymore. Very much like what is going on in Denver with Tim Tebow and the Broncos. Both teams lead the NFL with 10 games finishing at 7 points or less. Only difference is the Broncos are 7-3 in those games and the Cardinals are 6-4. The other difference is the Broncos have a reason for their wordless ways of winning. That is Tim Tebow. The Cardinals recent stretch of turning a 1-6 record into a 6-7 record has no such explanation. Let’s see if I can find the Tebow belief that the Cardinals now seem to have on their team.

The Tebow belief is a term I just made up right now. My definition of it is having a certain mindset that something will happen, usually out of the ordinary but can also be very ordinary, in a game that will lead to a victory. Pretty much the opposite of the Lebron James effect of having the mindset that something will go wrong to lose the game. That is reserved for the Dallas Cowboys right now. Anyways, What is the Cardinals “Tebow Belief” right now that is leading them to all of these improbable victories? Let’s see if I can figure it out!

Patrick Peterson Belief

Patrick Peterson won two games this year by taking a punt back for a touchdown. The first game of the year and the unforgettable 99 yard return against St. Louis to start this stretch of success. He also had a touchdown that broke open the second Rams game a few weeks ago. The only negative with this theory is he had a return against Baltimore, a game the Cards blew a 24-3 lead. He also had minimal impact as a returner in the Philly, Dallas, and Frisco game. You can’t have a belief system made after you if you’re not as consistent as Tim is up in Denver.

Skeletor Belief

To the average fan this belief as ALOT of hope, until you break things down a lot farther. He is 4-1 as a starter this year (im counting the game yesterday as a start since he played all but 3 snaps.) The formula for how he is getting there is a formula Derek Anderson should have taken last year to be successful. That formula has mostly been throw the ball around Larry Fitzgerald and hope for good things. Skeleton is REALLY hoping on some of his throws….and the thing is they are somehow working. Many of his throws could go either way, a catch by fitz or the defender, but since Larry Fitzgerald is a top 3 wide receiver in the game, he makes the catch to bail out the Skeletor every time. In both of his wins against St. Louis Skeleton was bad for the majority of the game. Even against San Fransisco he made many bad throws and was bailed out by two great catches to Larry and the busted the throw to Doucet for the touchdown. He definite has the luck factor going and even some of the Tebow belief factors working, but he is not the reason the Cardinals have been winning.

Defense is believing

The Arizona Cardinals defense is almost = to Tim Tebow in Denver. Take out the 1-6 start and hear me out before you call me crazy on this. In their last 6 games including their one loss to San Fransisco in the stretch, (which was due to AWFUL play by Skeleton) the defense has played with a sense of almost knowing something good will happen to get that stop they need. Lets start with the first St. Louis game, the Cardinals defense held the Rams to 9 points, other 4 coming due to safeties, and not once, not twice, but 3 times kept the Rams from winning the game. They stopped them on a 4th and short late, then BLOCKED a field goal to send it to overtime. Before the unbelievable 99 yard punt return by Peterson the defense forced a 3 and out to let that happen. Against Philly they broke Vick’s ribs and forced him to have the worst game in his career. Against the Rams again the defense stepped up and pretty much won that game with some help of 228 rushing yards by Beanie Wells. We all know the magic that happened against the Cowboys of their OWN coach icing his OWN kicker. Not to take out the fact the defense played dominant against the Cowboys high-powered offense. Their only touchdown was due great field position starting at their own 33. Then yesterday, holding the Niners repeatedly to field goals then stopping them 3 times after they took the lead by two points. They held the Niners to 2 first downs in the entire second half yesterday. If the defense played like this to start the year the Cardinals would not have lost those games to Washington, Seattle, and New York to begin the year.

During the last 6 games the defense has only given up 6 touchdowns with some of those due to turnovers by the offense. This unit, ever since that St.Louis game back on November 6th has had that same belief that is going on up in Denver and it is starting to trickle down throughout the entire organization. Does this mean they are going to the playoffs…no, but it does mean quite a lot. It means that they have a great chance to turn a 1-6 start into at least a 8-8 season. It gives GREAT hope going into next season and it gives us that X factor that anything can happen. We all know what can happen once a team has that Tebow Belief and it sets us up for what could be a crazy next couple of weeks for these Cardiac Cards where, for now, anything is possible.


The 49ers/Cardinals rivalry

It is 49er week for me this week. (Insert the team you hate here) week is always the most anticipated week of your team’s season. You spend all week breaking down the what ifs of how the game will be played out, check the injury reports to see who has the edge for the week, (for the record I doubt Patrick Willis is playing this week, if you’re the Niners why would you risk it, you have bigger things ahead of you.) and talk yourself into all the things you hate about that team to get your blood boiling and get yourself ready for the game.

There are many great rivalries in the NFL that gets all the coverage on ESPN, but that does not take out the hate that these two teams have for each other. Both teams are never playing for conference supremacy like the Ravens and Steelers or the Bears and Packers or do they have the history as the Cowboys Giants or Raiders and Broncos, but the hate that the fans and players have for each other equals any great rivalry in football.

Most rivalries have been diminished through the years due to free agency and so much player movement that some rivalries are only between the fans. After most NFL games players go out and hug it out on the field while fans are either gloating or fighting as they walk out of the stadium. With the Cards and Niners, players dont shake hands after the game. In fact Darnell Dockett refuses to shake hands with anyone on the 49ers. Giants offensive lineman David Baas, who played a few years with the Niners said he was the most excited to see the Cardinals on the Giants schedule this year because he hates us. That is the sign of a great rivalry when players still hate you even after they leave teams.

There is not that much history between these two teams. They weren’t even in the same division until 2002. Some memorable moments are the Cardinals ending Steve Young’s career on Monday Night football in 1999. In 2004 the 49ers, under Dennis Erickson ironically, won two games all year…both against the Cardinals. They have played each other on MNF 4 straight years that ended this season due to the Cardinals offensive ineptitude last season. In 2008 the Cardinals made a goal line stand to pretty much wrap up the division, in 2009 the Cards got beat up in Frisco after they had wrapped up their division, and last year was Derek Anderson’s infamous “I take Sh** seriously rant.”

In 2007 the Cardinals opened up the season in San Fransisco on Monday Night Football, the first MNF game of that 4 year stretch and for my 16th birthday present I choose to get tickets and go to that game with my family. The Cardinals lost in the final minute after Eric Green failed to recover a fumble and the Niners scored on the next play to win 20-17. After that game I pretty much got verbally assaulted by the entire stadium as a 16-year-old kid. It was so bad I actually took off my Cardinals jersey to at least look like I was a neutral fan. Ever since leaving that city I have hated nothing more than the 49ers and their fans. (For the record I was not surprised at all that their were shootings after a preseason game this year in the parking lots of the 49ers stadium. That place is the biggest dump of a football stadium that there can be.)My family use to make fun of me that if I ever met a girl from San Fransisco I would refuse to go out with her, which I always denied to them to save my dignity, but they were 100% correct. I can not stand anything about that team or city. There is not a better feeling than the Cardinals beating the 49ers, which unfortunately has not happened in a while.

This week the Cardinals are playing for their playoff lives while trying to play spoilers to San Fransisco’s hopes for a first round bye. That is the stakes for the Cards this week against the Niners. Also throw in the fact that they have lost 5 straight to the Niners and the last 3 by a combined score of 88 to 20 makes this week, in the words of Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett, “The Cardinals Super Bowl.”

Even with the Niners dominating the Cardinals for the last few years I have not been more confident then I am this week. The 49ers just clinched their division last week meaning they spent the week partying it up and soaking it in. They will also be looking ahead to their MNF game against the Pittsbugh Steelers  next week. The Cardinals have the pride factor to play for after 5 straight beat downs by them. They are at home and are the more desperate team by a mile. They have to win out to have a shot for the playoffs, while the Niners can lose this game and still have the 2nd seed the the NFC. Like I said earlier the Niners also may be with out their Defensive MVP and leader Patrick Willis. If there was ever a time for the Cardinals to end their losing streak to the 49ers it will be this week.


49ers 16 Cardinals 23


Arizona Thanksgiving Weekend Review

A very busy weekend in sports here in the state of Arizona. We had Arizona State football end the month of November a mind-boggling 0-4 after going into the month all but locked into the Pac 12 Championship game. Arizona State basketball showing how this will be a long season. The Phoenix Coyotes showing they will be a force. The Arizona Cardinals looking like they are slowly building something special and the Phoenix Suns getting ready to tip-off on Christmas day.

Arizona State

Dennis Erickson has officially been let go as the head coach of Arizona State football after losing to UCLA, Washington State, Arizona, and California. California will be the only team playing in a bowl game out of those four teams. (UCLA is in the pac-12 title game by default of USC being banned from postseason play for this season and with their eventual loss to Oregon they will be 6-7 which will make them ineligible for a bowl since they would have a losing record.) If Arizona State just wins one of those games they would be playing for the chance to go to the Rose bowl. Instead they will likely be playing in the Whatever it is called Vegas Bowl. The problem was not Erickson, but unfortunately after a slide like that the head coach must take the fall. Arizona State is filled with a bunch of head cases which creates chemistry issues. Good chemistry teams bounce back after that first loss of the losing streak to UCLA. Bad chemistry and it can all fall apart with just one loss like it did for this team. We will always remember this season for the promise of what could have been for Arizona State football.

Arizona State basketball has so many issues right now it is amazing. To be fair I watched about one half of a game this season so I could be totally wrong with my analysis. My analysis is outside of Trent Lockett their is not much talent on this team. They got some seven-foot white guy who looks like a walking stiff. They have little scoring and no excitement on offense. Their top recruit Jahii Carson out of Mesa High School is still not eligible to play. Where is the recruiting from Herb Sendek? Where is the James Hardens or Jeff Pendergraphs?? Another long season is in store for the Herbivores and his job could be in jeopardy if it doesn’t start getting better in Tempe.

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals defeated the Rams 23-20 to improve to 4-7 on Sunday. The Cards have got to be kicking themselves to the four games that they blew to start the year to Washington, Seattle, New York, and Baltimore. If they split those or even just win one of those four they could be in the playoff picture right now. The lockout really stunted the defense to begin the year because it is like night and day the difference of this defense. Sam Acho now has five sacks on the year with playing only 6 games really. THe continued growth of Daryl Washington into a top linebacker. And the pass rush of Calais Campbell. This defense has some pieces in place and as they continue to grow and add pieces here and there this could be a very nice defense for years to come. On offense Kevin Kolb should be back this week and this will be the biggest month of his career. He has to show that he can lead this team over these last 5 games, four of which will be at home. Early Doucet has developed into a solid slot guy with Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Roberts has improved. Beanie Wells showed the potential he has yesterday if he can stay healthy, so really that leaves the offensive line as the Cards biggest need to address this offense if Kevin Kolb can show improvement over these last few weeks. The Cards can finish 7-9 or even 8-8 which can create great momentum going into next season.

Phoenix Coyotes

The Coyotes have been very impressive through the first month and a half this season. They have added some scoring to go along with their defense and great goaltending that they rely on to win games. Mike Smith has been a huge addition at goaltender averaging about only 2 goals a game and giving the Yotes great play in goal. Shane Doan has been his fantastic self with Radim Vrbata leading the team with 11 goals. Kieth Yandle and Oliver Ekman-Larsson lead the defense and this team will be battling with the Kings, Stars, and Sharks for the Pacific Division title this season.


Memory of a Lifetime

Sunday morning before I went to the Cardinals Rams game I was having a conversation with my girlfriend wondering why do I watch sports. Why do I care so about my teams and why do I get so aggravated after losses. This was after watching ASU put their season in jeopardy with an awful and embarrassing loss to UCLA and prior to going to see the 1-6 Cardinals play the 1-6 Rams. I texted my girlfriend wishing I was born into a family of artists so I would never have any aggravation in my life. I could just paint pictures and spend Sundays with my girlfriend and live a life full of happiness. Instead I was forced, by the nature of spending a lot of money on season tickets, to watch two awful 1-6 teams play a meaningless football game on a perfect Sunday afternoon. Little did I know I was about to witness one of the greatest moments and games I have ever been too.

The first half went by without much excitement. The Cards trailed 9-3 and the best part of the half were the fans a few seats from me and my brother giving us some great comedy. I was thinking this would be my only memory of this game. Then the third quarter came and went by with a combined 7 points scored, but it was not by a touchdown like you would think. Cardinals backup quarterback John Skelton gave the Rams two safeties on CONSECUTIVE offensive plays. This gave me and my brother great comedy and gave us something to remember this game by. But something very weird happened after that second safety that put the Cards down 13-6. The crowd at University of Phoenix Stadium became offended by what they were seeing. The crowd instantly woke up after the second safety and went into a, “There is no effing way we are letting the Cardinals lose this game, to this team, in this embarrassing fashion” mode.

“We” the fans would have been fine with a 20-10 loss. We already have come to grips this is a lost season for the Cardinals and with John Skelton starting at QB we had no expectations going into the game. After that second safety though, we had enough and the crowd woke up. Fans broke into multiple “Let’s Go Cards” chants….almost willing this team to come back and win this game. Then the magic started. John Skelton breaks a couple 10 plus yard runs and then throws a laser to Larry Legend in the back of the end zone to tie the game and the crowd went into an absolute frenzy. The “Nest” was back and rocking like the Kurt Warner days and everyone was having a great time. The Rams of course go down the field and have a 3rd and inches with a 1:52 left already in field goal range. A first down and the Rams can knee down and kick the field goal and get out-of-town. The Cards stuff them and force a 4th down. Then for some reason the Rams run the same play instead of kicking the field goal and the Cards stop them AGAIN! Now the Nest is really rocking. A quick 15 yard completion to Larry Legend gets them to midfield and everyone is jumping up and down not believing what they were seeing. What happens next is the reason why I do watch sports.

Of course Skelton throws behind Larry, takes a huge sack, and throws a dumpoff that gives the Rams the ball back. And of course the Rams go right down the field in under a minute to set up Rams kicker Josh Brown, who has 8 career game winning kicks, for a rather easy field goal for him. I have to admit here I gave up at this point and made my brother go up the stairs so we could beat traffic as soon as he made the kick. As we were waiting for defeat I got this feeling that something was going to happen. There was such a weird vibe that this game would end in some sort of weird way and a field goal was not how this game was going to end. Sure enough 6″8 Calais Campbell blocks the kick sending the game into overtime and sending me, my brother, and everyone else running back to their seats yelling like crazy.

Every time Patrick Peterson went back to field a punt the crowd stood up yesterday. Even during the boringness of the first half, the few times the crowd got into it was when Peterson was going back to return a punt. The Rams started overtime by not doing much and being forced to punt the ball. I turned to my brother and told him he was going to be tackled if somehow Peterson took this punt back. I do not even remember what he said because pretty soon I saw Peterson catch the ball and cut to the right and all we saw was two Rams to beat and A LOT of open field. I have never seen a crowd go crazier then what I witnessed when he broke that last tackle. Sunglasses flew everywhere, high fives flying everywhere,people jumping up and down on seats, guys hugging each other, people who do not know each other hugging like they were family, complete bedlam all around. Patrick Peterson just scored off a 99 yard punt return….ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!

Walking out the stadium I answered my own question as to why I watch sports. For the few moments that ,we, as sports fans get to witness like that makes all the crap and aggravation we go through worth it. In the magnitude of things this win will only cost the Cardinals draft spots in the draft as they are destined for a 5-11 mark, but this game gave us me and my brother so much more than draft picks or another win. It gave us a memory that we will always be able to share together. The joy and excitement we got and shared together as Patrick Peterson ran down the sidelines was worth every penny that I spent on tickets this year and is the reason why I am passionate and love sports so much….for those few moments that we get to share with someone at a game that will last a lifetime.